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The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary is a place of refuge for animals who otherwise would perish: The abandoned, the abused, the sick, the old, the suffering. Located on 130 wooded acres In the Santa Fe National Forest near Santa Fe New Mexico, the Sanctuary is non-profit and tax-exempt. We also are an accredited member of The Association of Sanctuaries, a national organization with the highest standards for animal welfare and care. Our founder and director, Natalie Owings, works at the Sanctuary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without salary. If you haven’t seen our newest newsletter, you can download it here.

Please support PetRescueRx

Being the founder and director of a rescue operation of considerable size in New Mexico, I am profoundly aware of the huge expenses incurred with the care and rehabilitation of rescued animals. This animal sanctuary has been rescuing in less advantaged areas of the country for over 30 years. Veterinary medicine and the necessary prescriptions and over the counter medications are the largest expenses the sanctuary must raise money and pay for. Dr. Buckley has been the founder and innovator of a brilliant and compassionate organization helping millions of animals and their care takers to a happy and fruitful life. It’s called PetRescueRx. I am deeply impressed by his innovative and caring approach to the world of veterinary medicine. We should all support it.

Peace, love and rescue,
Natalie Owings

Natalie Owings Interview
on Petlife Radio (January 2017)

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The Divinity of Dogs
by George Skaroulis

The Divinity Of Dogs - Music Dogs LoveThis is not a solicitation or advertisement, just a genuine “from the heart” recommendation for music for you and your dogs. We play this music at The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary and the dogs absolutely love it! The music is available on both iTunes and Amazon.